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Nash Point

Oct 11, 2020

We went looking for a scent adventure and our 1st visit to the clifftops of Nash Point didn't disappoint.

Photography Journal

Jul 16, 2017

Some outtakes from our White Orchid Spécialiste shoot that are just too beautiful not to share.

Photography Journal: Meditation Caves

Apr 3, 2017

A big part of my life when I was a monk and now, is meditation. I daily dedicate 2 hours to chanting mantra's at home...

Photography Journal: Shelter From The Rain

Nov 25, 2016

Taking shelter from the rain and appreciating just what J.R.R Tolkien was saying.

Incense, Meditation & The Bhagavad Gita

Jun 2, 2016

Here at Sacred Elephant we burn a lot of incense during meditation and we meditate a lot. The benefits of meditation...

Burning Incense #1

May 11, 2016

You'll find us burning incense a lot here at Sacred Elephant and recently we've been playing. Without a doubt our fav...

Incense back in Vogue

May 5, 2016

Incense is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence of late and it’s not coming from the source you may immediately think of...

We need to tell more stories.

Apr 22, 2016

Wanted to share this clip by Jay Shetty with you all today. It kinda resonated with me this morning, hope it does wit...


Mar 9, 2016

I had an unexpected experience today. Walking into a store a waft of fragrance hit me and just like that I was rememb...

Incense Blog !?

Jan 19, 2016

Welcome to Sacred Elephant Incense.  Whether you're a newbie to the world of incense or a long time experienced conno...


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