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I had an unexpected experience today.

Walking into a store a waft of fragrance hit me and just like that I was remembering my first trip to Vrindavan, a small town in India.

I can't pinpoint where I first smelt this particular fragrance or even what it was but it permeated that first of many visits to Vrindavan. 

18 years ago I was 22 and trying my best to take in as much as I could of India, it's colourful culture and my emotional response to it all. I didn't take any pictures on that month long trip as I wanted to absorb the experience  without the distraction of looking for holiday snaps ( thankfully my friends took loads ).

I thought much of that journey had been forgotten yet so many fond memories came to mind from this scents gentle reminder.

I'm always amazed at the speed and capacity of the human mind. To remember and recall so many details and emotions that are stored away in our subconscious is a wonderful thing.

It's turned a rather turgid and dreary day into one of happy remembrance and all because of a simple aroma. Amazing.



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