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Incense Blog !?

Incense Blog !?

Welcome to Sacred Elephant Incense. 

Whether you're a newbie to the world of incense or a long time experienced connoisseur, we are pretty sure you are going to find our pure incense to be something special. We're glad you found us. 

Now you may be wondering...

An incense blog !?


Incense for us at Sacred Elephant is more than just beautiful fragrance and we want to share that with you.

We wanna explore with you the way our everyday life, loves and experiences are all linked to our consciousness and how the scents in our life actually impact our day in ways we may at first not realise.

We're going to be writing about yoga, quantum physics, meditation, food, holidays, art, work and play ;) and all sorts of other stuff. We'll have considered articles, more than a few stream of consciousness ramblings and maybe a few pics along the way too.  All connected by the amazing role the fragrances that are around us have to play in the personal reality of our life.

Yup, incense, who woulda thought it :D

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