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Burning Incense  #1

Burning Incense #1

You'll find us burning incense a lot here at Sacred Elephant and recently we've been playing.

Without a doubt our favourite scent is Agarwood more commonly known as Oud. The resin from the assam agar tree that we use is one of the most expensive natural raw ingredients in the world and has been cherished in the East for thousands of years.

We know the effects it has on our moods and see it as a reliable go to fragrance that never fails, we've been wondering though. How can we enhance this experience?

The afore mentioned playtime.

After weeks of messing around mixing different scents along with the Agarwood, here's the ones that excited us the most.

Rose & Agarwood

Fantastic, the Rose complements the dark warmth of the Agarwood perfectly. Creating a majestically sensuous and provocative result that left us feeling a little more amorous than expected.

Sayali Jasmine & Agarwood

This surprised us !! The delicate nature of the Sayali flower providing a subtle wave which calmed the deep camphor of the Agarwood creating a noble, oriental final note. 

Sandalwood & Agarwood

This is probably the one you all expected and with good reason. The Sandalwood softens the masculinity of the Agarwood providing a soothing yet focused experience. We're mixing these two a lot during our morning meditations.

Cinnamon Spice & Agarwood

This is a strong fragrant mix when burnt but my god, when it settles into the room its absolutely astounding in its complexity. We found ourselves just sitting there revelling in it's marvel.


 These were our favourites. Whats yours? 

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