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Incense back in Vogue

Incense back in Vogue

Incense is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence of late and it’s not coming from the source you may immediately think of.

Since the 60’s incense has been generally but incorrectly seen as the domain of hippy culture. Often used to cover the wafts of more nefarious herbal products.

Not any more.

Vogue magazine recently ran a series of articles noting that incense is appealing to a new generation of users. A generation savvy to the importance of natural products in their lives, that are moving away from the modern chemical fragrances seen on the high street and looking back to natural, traditional hip alternatives to luxury candles to scent their life spaces. The lifestyle bible states "Are we the only ones suffering from serious scented-candle fatigue? Once a novelty, custom candles now seem like a rite of passage for every would-be personality, brand, and shop. Thankfully, a small scent revolt is quietly underway, and incense, that ancient form of fragrance emission, is back."

Designed to ground, calm, energise and purify the senses, incense was developed as a fragrant aid to meditation and yoga practices , but today we experience it’s uses being far more widespread, seen in up market beauty salons in New York, business centres in London, even movie stars like Tom Hiddleston are known to use pure incense to help them relax during takes. 

We never saw ourselves as trend setters but apparently we are !!

The last words of course should go to Vogue magazine -  “Forget everything you think you know about incense. The new breed is more sophisticated.. “


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