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A scent inspired New Year

Dec 11, 2023

In the landscape of self-care and mindful living, natural incense emerges as a pivotal element. For a moment let's ex...

Best Incense For Rainy Days

Nov 7, 2020

As Autumn arrives we select a few fragrances to raise your mood, make you feel warm and generally distract you from ...

Natures Way

May 11, 2019

Generally when people found out I was a monk they conjure up the idea that I must have practiced somewhere exotic, aw...

Moments of solitude

Feb 11, 2019

Moments of solitude are amazing. As a monk finding time for introspection and contemplation was easy, 2 hours every m...

Cold water bathing

Feb 1, 2019

The 1st thing that made me question my decision to become a monk way back in 1997 wasn't the celibate lifestyle (I co...

Yoga Tips #2

Mar 12, 2018

More from Alo Yoga.            

Yoga Tips #1

Mar 4, 2018

Simple yoga tips courtesy of Alo Yoga         

Burning Incense #4 Meditation

Jul 4, 2017

We love how even the most subtle of changes in scent can effect our morning meditations. This morning instead of burn...

Burning Incense #3

Feb 13, 2017

Every now and again we get a review in that reminds us that burning incense really does have a positive impact on peo...

Burning Incense #2 - Yoga

Jan 25, 2017

Is there a right way and time to burn incense ? It's one of the most common discussions we have with people and the a...


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