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Burning Incense #2 - Yoga

Burning Incense #2 - Yoga

Is there a right way and time to burn incense ? It's one of the most common discussions we have with people and the answer is surprisingly complicated.

It's kinda Yes but also No.


It's a tough one because there is most definitely a right way depending on your use and the environment you're in. Then again there isn't because, as with many things in life, it's all down to balance and finding what works for you.

Keeping it simple over the coming weeks we're going to start giving some pointers for situations which may improve your incense experience starting with incense use for Yoga.

Incense for Yoga

Incense and yoga is a perfect marriage.

The yoga studio is also the place where incense is most misused. Never burn incense whilst doing your yoga practice. Ever.

Incense in most forms of yoga is used to provide a subtle scent in the air to aid the flow of the practice, not to have smoke, no matter how high quality fill your lungs.

Ideally you want to burn a fragrance which suits the style you're about to do so that the stick is either burnt out or put out about 10 minutes before you start your asana's. 

If the incense is pure and of a good quality the scent will linger in the background subtly aiding the mood and consciousness of the practitioner so that they find it reflected in the asana  where all the ‘parts’ of the body and mind are in sync with one another helping to achieve the practitioners ultimate goal.

What incense suits your style we hear you ask? again its down to your personal body type (dosha) but here's a few suggestions which generally work well together.

Hatha Yoga - Agarwood, Himalayan Musk and Sandalwood and Cedar

Vinyasa Yoga - Gaura Leela, Sayali Jasmine and Vraja Leela.

Yoga Nidra - Cinnamon spice, Agarwood and Myrrh.

Ashtanga Yoga - Gaura Leela, Prema and Himalayan Musk.

Kirtan - Gaura Leela, Sandalwood and Rose.


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