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Best Incense

Best Incense For Rainy Days

As Autumn arrives we select a few fragrances to raise your mood, make you feel warm and generally distract you from the fact it’s cold and damp outside.




This soft and creamy scent makes us feel like we're curled up in front of a warm log fire wrapped in a luxurious blanket from Scotland.

Best incense sandalwood




Looking over the rolling Welsh countryside in the rain always has us philosophical (the Welsh weather often prompting the question; why are we here?). 

Burning this cultured fragrance just adds to the Voltaire-ness.

Best Incense Agarwood


Soft, warm and velvety waves of sensual delight develop into mesmerising obsession and we soon forget whatever's going on with the weather and disappear into an olfactorial dream whenever this is burning.
Best Incense Oud
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