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Meditation Incense, Myrrh Incense

Burning Incense #4 Meditation

We love how even the most subtle of changes in scent can effect our morning meditations. This morning instead of burning our usual go to meditation scent of Agarwood Spécialiste we thought a slight change was in order. Not a big one just a little divergence towards Myrrh with some Palo Santo also burning in another room. This left a slightly softer ambrosial scent in the air, reminiscent of the Radha Damodar temple of Vraja ( a district in India ).

As I gently moved my fingers over my Tulsi mala beads we found our mood journeyed towards time spent at this beautiful medieval temple in the old part of Vrindavan.

As the meditation deepened along this path I found myself reliving emotions felt and the prayers of gratitude that I offered at the Samadhi (tomb) of the great yogic saint Rupa Goswami came flooding back.

These now became my focus, all the energy of the meditation naturally reaching for them becoming absorbed in them again.

After an hour I stopped, thankful for the internal visit back to one of my favourite places and to a time when my meditations were full of thanks for the sages of old and the wisdom and guidance that they left with us.

Grateful for the experience it only helped reinforce my faith in the powerful nature of scent and what an amazing role fragrance's have in developing our consciousness. It also gave me a timely reminder of the freedom and responsibility that we have, to decide how our consciousness is going to be.

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  • We do now offer both Palo Santo and White Sage :)

    Sacred Elephant Admin
  • Hello

    What gorgeous blog post, smell is so powerful and can take us to sacred places, I must try your myrrh one. Do you do any white sage or Palo Santo incense, I found some chunky ones from a company called incausa in the states which is just beautiful but I would much rather be buying from the UK and your beautiful company, but I’m in love with this smell of the two sacred smells together for meditation as your so right about where it can transport you to.

    Kindest wishes


    Katherine Carey

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