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Natures Way

Natures Way

Generally when people found out I was a monk they conjure up the idea that I must have practiced somewhere exotic, away from it all in forests, mountains or ancient temples with their mysticism and spiritual heritage adorning their worn walls.

When they find out it was in Cardiff, on a pretty normal street the look of disappointment that appears is hard to hide.

I mention this because the life style we led as monks and the lifestyle people expect is pretty similar, just not the locale. We led pretty low impact lives based on a very simple principle of simple living high thinking.

Its the simple living bit I'm going to stress here a little. I have found what was true then is still true now in mine and my wife's every day existence. The simple idea that if something works in nature, has a natural and sustainable source and works as part of a logical, discernible eco system, well, it's probably going to be a good thing. 

For the most part, unfortunately, modern avant grade society doesn't follow this rule and we are at a point of ecological, sociatal disaster. We can change back though :) 

Our inspiration comes from viewing the lifestyles of ancient yogi's and seeing how even when they would live in cities or even sometimes end up governing them, keeping it simple and following natures path enabled them to actually get the most out of their lives both materially and spiritually. You can even see examples of modern society working brilliantly, for the benefit of all living entities  when this simple principle is kept in mind. Nature, naturally provides everything in abundance and a way for us to gain the most from it if we follow her rules.

So our tip for the best life you can live, with the lowest carbon footprint as well as the lowest karmic debt, may not be the most convenient or easiest but its definitely the simplest most rewarding....

Go for the natural solution, every time. You won't regret it.

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