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Burning Incense #3

Burning Incense #3

Every now and again we get a review in that reminds us that burning incense really does have a positive impact on peoples lives. We've experienced it ourselves of course thats why we founded the brand but it's always heartwarming to know that Sacred Elephant Incense means more to you than just an ethical scent.

"I got a sample of Sacred Elephant Incense in a subscription box and it was the most gorgeous thing ever, since then I've been and bought incense from other places but they've been poor quality, just smelling of burning! I've just bought the Uplifting set from Sacred Elephant and they smell absolutely beautiful, and they actually give off the scent so well whilst burning! I have anxiety and this incense just melts my troubles away and helps me to relax, which is something I really struggle to do as my brain never stops. I can't thank you enough Sacred Elephant."

Thank you Heather.

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