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Conscious Living Incense News

There was one thing we have wanted to change since we started Sacred Elephant. There was always a problem we couldn't solve to our satisfaction and that was the plastic sleeves that keep the incense fresh in the box. We looked into a variety of different plastics and used the most environmentally friendly ones we could, but they were still plastic.

That was until now.

From the end of June we are very happy to announce all our incense will be housed in acid free, paper sleeves.

We will be completely 100% plastic free, yet another reason to choose Sacred Elephant Luxury Incense.

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  • Robert Alligier Jr on

    I would like to place another order for incense , I was wondering if there might be a discount code you could email me, I really like and enjoy your product, thank you for making such a beautiful and environmentally sound product! Robert A-
    From USA New Jersey

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