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Aromatic top notes of citrus and mint with an underlying scent similar to frankincense. This mystical wood when burnt provides an uplifting fragrance, creating an atmosphere of positivity, serene purpose and inspiration.


Product Specifications:

Sustainably harvested and sourced from local communities. Sacred Elephant's Palo Santo Wood comes from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie on the forest floor for over 3 years years before they are crafted. This ensures a very high-quality product that is constantly surrounded by love and respect for its traditional heritage.

To use, let your wood burn for around a minute and then blow the flame out. Unlike normal incense, which burns out completely after lighting it, Palo Santo wood may be relit many times. Keep out of the reach of children, animals and away from flammable objects.

Each bundle comes with 6 sticks of varied sizes and weighs approximately 90 grams

SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet Pure
SE Bullet Ethically sourced from local communities 
SE Bullet Wild Crafted from naturally fallen branches
SE Bullet Sustainably Harvested in Peru

Strikingly bright and

bold by nature.

A new incense collection full

of life and personality.

Available Spring 2024


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