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Organic Agarwood 5ml

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Our organic Vietnamese Agarwood (Oud) oil is a mesmerising experience of pure elegance and complexity. Deep and sensuous with subtle waves of camphor. This cultured fragrance creates a sense of dignified purpose.


Product Specifications:

Our handcrafted pure perfumes are traditionally prepared using only the highest quality attar and  organic oils provided by nature. 

Each bottle comes in its own luxury box along with a guide on attars / perfumes and how to apply them. Pure Attar Perfume oils contain highly concentrated oils so please take care and follow the instructions when applying to your skin.

Each bottle contains 5ml of pure organic Agarwood oil.

SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet Unisex
SE Bullet Pure organic oil
SE Bullet No Chemicals/Synthetic Ingredients
SE Bullet Naturally Distilled

Strikingly bright and

bold by nature.

A new incense collection full

of life and personality.

Available Spring 2024


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