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Our Intuition Mala bracelet brings emotional balance, calmness, truth and objectivity.


Product Specifications:

Sodalite unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception. It gives you the strength and energy boost to higher consciousness by trusting your instincts. Intuition is like an inner guardian angel, protecting you from darkness and always pushing you towards light and love. This stone is aligned with the third eye chakra and brings emotional balance, calmness, truth and objectivity.

Rudraksha seeds grow inside the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree found mainly in South East Asia. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the beads are known to assist in meditation, stress relief, healing the body and engendering positive changes.

SE Bullet 8mm Authentic Gemstones.
SE Bullet Ethically Sourced.
SE Bullet Hangs approximately 21.5" (55 cm).
SE Bullet 9mm Rudraksha guru bead.
SE Bullet Hand-knotted.

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