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SE Bullet Made By Us
SE Bullet 108 Beads: 8mm White Howlite & Tulsi
SE Bullet Sterling Silver
SE Bullet Size: 48" Approx
SE Bullet 3 Year Guarantee*
SE Bullet Arrives In It's Very Own Sacred Elephant Signature Gift Box

White Howlite.

Promotes self awareness, emotional well-being, stability, inner strength and calmness. Howlite aids in developing humility, gratitude and a selfless nature allowing one to communicate with a clearer emotional expression, 

Sacred Tulsi Wood

Enlivens our natural state of transcendental love and devotion (bhakti) and channels our intentions.

Sterling Silver

Silver is the metal of emotional and metaphysical development, of loving and of healing. While Gold is beautiful, impressive and inspires power; the calmer, more tolerant attitude that surrounds Silver is more enjoyable and pleasant. Like gold, silver inspires inner wealth and prosperity.

SE Bullet A Grade, Dye Free, Semi Precious Stones
SE Bullet Ethically Sourced
SE Bullet 'AhimsaSilk' Thread
SE Bullet 100% Natural


Traditionally monks would chant mantra’s with each knot that was tied in their Mala. Infusing the thread with the sacred intentions of their meditation. Continuing this practice Sacred Elephant's Mala are made and designed by our owner, Prema-rasa, according to the same sacred traditions handed down to him during his time as a monk.

SE Bullet Mantra Infused
SE Bullet Traditionally Made
SE Bullet Tulsi From Sacred Town of Vrindavan
SE Bullet Supporting Communities 

This Mala has been infused with the following mantra.

Trinad api sunicena,  taror api sahishnuna.

Amanina manadena,  kirtaniyah sada harih.

"Let me chant the Sacred Names in a humble state of mind, thinking myself lower than the straw in the street; let me be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige, and let me be ready to offer my gratitude and respect to others always. In such a state of mind I can chant the Sacred Names constantly."

SE Bullet 500 Year Old Bengali Mantra
SE Bullet From Sri Sikshashtaka of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
SE Bullet Vaishnava Tradition
SE Bullet For Inner Strength, Humility, Peace and Devotion

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