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Introducing our White Sage and Rose Smudge Stick, a harmonious blend of two sacred herbs renowned for their cleansing and purifying properties. Crafted with utmost care, this spiritual tool emanates a soothing aroma that fills the space with tranquility and positive energy. White sage clears negativity and promotes balance, while the delicate essence of rose enhances love and harmony. Whether you seek to cleanse your living space, meditate, or engage in rituals, our smudge stick serves as a powerful companion to elevate your spiritual journey. Embrace the natural synergy of white sage and rose, and let their transformative energies revitalize your surroundings and soul.


Product Specifications:

Our hand-harvested & tied pure Smudge sticks are lovingly grown and sun dried. Sustainably farmed in the way nature intended. 

Each stick/bundle weighs just over 45 grams, is around 11cm long and 2.5cm in diameter.

SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet Ethically Produced in Southern California
SE Bullet No Growth Hormones
SE Bullet Pesticide Free
SE Bullet Non GMO

Strikingly bright and

bold by nature.

A new incense collection full

of life and personality.

Available Spring 2024


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