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Yoga Bolster


Our Yoga Bolster from Hose of Boheme has been beautifully made using natural materials. The removable outer layer is a jute and organic cotton blend. The buckwheat hull inner is malleable and non-shifting, allowing the bolster to contour to your body throughout your practice making them ideal for use in cushions and yoga props.

Some of the ways you can use the bolster to support yourself:

  • Yoga: This Bolster is the perfect prop for many different yoga postures. Open your chest and let your shoulders drop back by placing the bolster under your spine then lying back over it. Hug your bolster beneath you in Childs Pose.
  • Anxiety: If you are feeling anxious, bring your legs right up against a wall and place the bolster under your hips to elevate them. Stay here for a few minutes, focussing on slow, steady breathing.
  • Sleep & Grounding Yourself: Lie down and place the bolster over your hips, this grounding weight helps you to feel safe and calm. Use the bolster under your knees to support your lower back when lying flat or when in savasana.


Product Specifications: 

House of Boheme’s yoga bolsters are made using natural materials. The removable outer layer is a jute and organic cotton blend and the organic cotton inner is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls.

Buckwheat is a seed-like grain native to Asia. The seed grows within a shell-like casing, which is removed then cleaned and used as a long-lasting, durable filling. Buckwheat hulls are also hypoallergenic, making them ideal for use in cushions.

The bolster is comfortable and easily transportable, with a handy carry handle and a hidden zip.

Dimensions: 55cm x 23cm

Taking care of your yoga bolster: Dry Clean Only

SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet Plastic Free
SE Bullet Sustainably sourced materials
SE Bullet No Chemicals/Synthetic elements
SE Bullet Natural / Organic

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