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Meditation Cushion


Support yourself in moments of calm with our beautifully crafted round meditation cushion. After plenty of experimentation throughout our own practice and trying out a range of seats in our own studio, we have finally found the perfect meditation cushion from House of Bohème.

The buckwheat hull inner is malleable and non-shifting, allowing the cushion to contour to your body and lifting your hips to enable you to find your ideal, comfortable meditation posture. Using a meditation cushion - known as a Zafu in the Japanese Zen tradition - can help you maintain a straight, tall spine for longer periods of time leading to a higher focus.


Product Specifications:

These meditation cushions are made using natural materials. The removable outer layer is a jute and organic cotton blend and the organic cotton inner is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls.

Buckwheat is a seed-like grain native to Asia. The seed grows within a shell-like casing, which is removed then cleaned and used as a long-lasting, durable filling. Buckwheat hulls are also hypoallergenic, making them ideal for use in cushions.

The cushion is comfortable and easily transportable, with a handy carry handle and a hidden zip.

Dimensions: 38 x 16cm

Taking care of your Meditation Seat: Dry Clean Only

SE Bullet Vegan
SE Bullet Plastic Free
SE Bullet Sustainably sourced materials
SE Bullet No Chemicals/Synthetic elements
SE Bullet Natural / Organic

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