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A concise, colourful overview of philosophy and culture of Vaishnavism, or bhakti-yoga, the hidden glory of India.

Unlike many books that explore India or Eastern spirituality, this work focuses on how Vaishnavism is India’s richest and most significant religious tradition. Those familiar with Krishna, Shiva, Ganesha, and Brahma will find them here described in their full cultural and scriptural context.

Drawing on his thirty years of research, Steven J. Rosen demystifies Gaudiya Vaishnavism, from the basics of the spiritual path to advanced techniques of mantra meditation.

The Hidden Glory of India is a beautiful full-colour presentation of ancient Vedic culture, with easy-to-read sections on such subjects as Krishna and His incarnations, Radha and the gopis, the significance of om, the meaning of mantras, the nature of the demigods, the Vedic perspectives on women, dance, music and art, and how all this relates to contemporary Hinduism. A perfect gift for yourself, family members or friends, The Hidden Glory of India is as delightful to look at as it is rich in philosophy and wisdom.

Special Features:

SE Bullet Over 400 full colour pictures & illustrations
SE Bullet Sacred places travel guides

Author: Steven Rosen

Paperback; 192 pages; 24 x 20.3 (centimeters); 5.5 x 8 (inches)

Publisher: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust; First issue: 2002



Table of Contents

Spiritual India

Chapter One: Sacred Texts
   The Vedic Literature
   Srimad Bhagavatam
   The Bhagavatam: Its Contents
   The Mahabharata
   The Bhagavad-gita
   Gita Commentaries
   Rama Retellings

Chapter Two: Vaishnava Roots
   Early Vaishnavism: Southern Roots
   Early Vaishnavism: Northern Roots
   Buddha and Shankara

Chapter Three: The Godhead
   Three Aspects of God
   Three Aspects: An Analogy
   Sri Krishna
   Expansions of Krishna
   Avataras of Vishnu
   Nrisimha Avatara
   The Original Goddess
   The Gopis
   Tulasi Devi

Chapter Four: The Demigods

Chapter Five: Time & Space
   The Four Ages
   Vedic Cosmology
   The Spiritual Sky
   Karma and Reincarnation

Chapter Six: The Hidden Incarnation
   Sri Chaitanya: An Introduction
   Sri Chaitanya: His Life
   Sri Chaitanya: His Teachings
   The Six Goswamis
   Bhakti: Devotional Love

Chapter Seven: Sacred Places
   Sacred Architecture
   The Ganges
   Jagannatha Puri
   The Festival of the Chariots
   Travel Information

Chapter Eight: The Arts
   Fine Arts

Chapter Nine: Practitioners
   What Is a Devotee?
   The Guru Principle
   Srila Prabhupada
   Jesus in India?

Chapter Ten: Practices and Teachings
   The Yoga System: The Eight Steps of Ashtanga-Yoga
   Mandalas and Yantras
   Idols and Deities
   Deity Worship
   Sacred Cow
   The Modes of Nature
   Vedic Astrology
   The Gayatri Mantra
   The Maha-mantra


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