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sacred mala meditation beads

A Sacred Life

For as long as I can remember I had been looking for the sacred. Wether it was in the stories and religions of the Greeks, the wonder of the Nordic Saga's, through a love of art or the hedonism of student life. The search going on quietly in the background, not so obviously apparent.

In April 1997 about 2 weeks before my 22nd birthday I became a monk in the Krishna Bhakti tradition. 10 months before, in a hired room in Swansea, I tried mantra meditation for the 1st time.

It felt amazingly normal, sure it was a little weird to be mumbling to myself along with 2 middle aged robed renunciate's and about 20 other people, but it felt incredibly nice and the simple wooden mala beads softly moving through my fingers in tandem with the mantra, comforting. I had finally found a way to access the very thing I had quietly been looking for..

The sacred source behind everything both material and spiritual. 

Through 18 years living in temples and ashrams learning about the process of bhakti (the yoga of love and devotion) to present day life with my amazing wife, mantra meditation has been and still is the daily inspiration behind everything I do, the energy behind my intentions and the focus of my aspirations to lead a sacred life.

A sacred life is posable for everyone, in every walk of life not just the monks in ancient temples or the Sadhu's by the holy rivers.

Motivated by this we are going to be gradually expanding Sacred Elephant beginning with a selection of Mala beads launching at the end of October. We feel so blessed by the experiences Bhakti Yoga and mantra meditation have afforded us and we hope we can create more sacred moments with you.




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